Schedule: 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday

Love Your Forest Campaign

‘LOVE YOUR FOREST’ is an anti-litter campaign which is being held in the Forest of Dean over a six-month period.

The charity ‘HUBBUB’, based in London and in conjunction with Lucozade Ribena Suntory, has chosen the Forest as their first rural location in the UK to combat litter. After 3 months consultation and research with the District Council, Parish Councils, Forestry Commission and other organisations, the campaign was launched at the District Council offices on the 18th May with local and national press and TV and radio coverage.
Research during the first 3-month period found that the hot spots for litter were A and B roads, Lay-bys, routes from schools to shops, leisure events and scenic areas around the Forest. Cigarette butts and chewing gum are a particular problem in towns. These issues will be tackled during Hubbub’s presence between May and September, together with volunteers.

To start the campaign several volunteers have sorted, washed, counted and logged 18 bags of roadside waste collected by Biffa and which was then delivered to an empty shop in Coleford where two artists from Brighton were employed to create a fifties-style store called CON-venience Shop. The store will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays until 12th July giving the public the opportunity to visit and learn more of the campaign.

Hubbub have created fun and innovative ways to tackle the problem of litter and, during the summer months, will span the area of the Forest of Dean with a consistent theme, highlighting the beauty of the area and promoting a sense of pride in our Forest. They will approach schools engaging young people with fun ways of encouraging less litter. They will be on the roadsides and in villages and towns to encourage the general public to keep our streets clean. Look out for them at various events being held in the area during the summer.

At the close of the campaign, an event will be organised to measure impact, environmental improvements, social benefits and economic gains.
If the campaign is successful, Hubbub will use it as a guide for anti-litter campaigns over the UK.


Visit the Love Your Forest website for more information