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Berry Hill Area Neighbourhood Development Plan

Thanks to the work of dedicated local people, West Dean Parish Council is well on its way to producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the areas of Berry Hill, Christchurch and Edge End. This Plan is a new statutory procedure which results ultimately in a legally binding development plan for the area, following a local referendum. As such, it is a very important local event which has the potential to affect anyone associated with the area.

The Neighbourhood area covers the ward of Berry Hill, the village part of the Christchurch ward, the Five Acres educational, leisure and sporting campus, and the settlement of Edge End. View map.

A Steering Committee (maximum of 21 people) has been formed (supported by the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council), which consists of Parish Councillors, Coleford Town Council, community representatives (FANS), local schools, local area groups and sports clubs. It also includes the Homes and Communities Agency (government agency) which currently owns the Five Acres site. The first meeting took place on 21st March 2013.
If you or a representative of your organisation are able to attend our meetings or to get involved in our work, you will not only be very welcome, but have the opportunity to be part of a ground breaking process which will have a lasting legacy on your area. If you wish to find out about our meetings, or would like to find out more in general, or you think we have missed out a group you could represent, please contact Dave Kent, Clerk to the Parish 01594 564484 or